Gift Wrapped 2021

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I managed to get a few pieces finished for Clutter Gallery’s Gift Wrapped 2021. The show is not really a holiday themed show, but I couldn’t not do something Christmas related.  These will be available at the show on Saturday, December 11th in Beacon NY. Show info below…

To celebrate the 9th installment of the annual winter spectacular, Gift Wrapped, Clutter has gathered over 120 amazing artists from all over the globe to bring you affordable art just in time for the holidays!!

Gift Wrapped is a special holiday season (not holiday-themed) art exhibition designed to encourage people to buy unique, hand-made, artist-driven gifts for the holidays. The show features a mixture of 2D, 3D, wall hanging, and standing pieces, in all genres of the designer toy and contemporary art world.

Each piece in the show has a maximum retail price of $200, and unlike our usual exhibits, all sold pieces will be able to be taken home on the night of the opening [cash and carry style] (or shipped shortly thereafter). This is a perfect opportunity to get a unique gift for someone special or a little something for yourself.

Artist Include:

2Petalrose • 5th Turtle • Ally Burke • Amorphous • Baccan • Bakkun • Beanie Bat • Bendito Calabazo • Betso • Big C • Bleeding Edges • BogXSquad • Brent Nolasco • Bruckaroni • Bunny Mischief • Burning Monster • Ch3atCode • Charles V. Bennett • Chima Group • Christoper Luke • Comet Debris • Creon Chkn • cRs Monky • Czee13 • David Stevenson • Deadhand Toys • Dolly Oblong • Don't Cry In The Mornin • Ebb N Flow Design • El Hooligan • Erica Borghstijn • Ezerd • FatDragon Toys • Fernanda Fierro • Fetch For Donuts • Figure Fettish • Frank Mysterio • Grace Lang • Grizlli Atom • Grumble Toy • HARIKEN • High Proof Toys • HungryGhost • In Prime We Trust • Into The Void Toys • Ivonne Escoto • Javier Jiménez • Jay222 • JCORP • JeAA • Jed Madela • Jelly Koe • JFO • john bellotti jr • Jyelloween • Katie Gamb • kEda Gomes • Kibyuk Studio • Klav • KWESTONE • Kyle Kirwan • Lisa Agnetun • Lisa Rae Hansen • Little Lazies • M Victoria Robado • Magitarius • Majic Monsters • Mark Nagata / Max Toy Co • MikeFX • Mizna Wada • MJ Hsu • monsterliciouss • Morgan Wilson • Motley Miscreations • MP Gautheron • Mr Giraffes • Mr Mento • Mr.Mitote • Mrkumkum • Mumbot • Mus Musculus • Naomi Knaff • Nick Nightmare • Nightly Made • One Eyed Girl • Ouch Noops • Owlberry Lane • Pickled Circus • Priscilla's Arte • Q:Jam • Rato Kim • Resin Rookie • Richard Strohmeyer • Riiisa Boogie • Sad Salesman • Sanktoys • SaoZen • Scarecrowoven • serinorica • Space Rabbit • Stacia Murphy • Stitch of Whimsy • Tasha Zimich • The Beast Peddler. • The Bots • TNT Plastic • Tokyo Jesus • Uhhsure Monsters • Under Our Knives • Vanessa Ditullio • Vanessa Ramirez • Vincent Scala • Vini Chav • Wetworks • WildPro • Will Rimel • Wonder Goblin • Yu Maeda • Zard Apuya • Zoë Williams & More.

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Dec 11th, (as part of Beacon's Second Saturday art walk) and all pieces will remain on display until Friday, Dec 31st, 2021 unless purchased. Pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale both at our physical location in downtown Beacon, NY and on our website

On opening night we will be allowing 10 people at a time into the gallery to see the show! If you do not have a mask you will not be allowed in so please plan accordingly!

Also, please observe social distancing both inside and outside the galley so we can keep sharing art with you. Please check our Instagram account @clutttermagazine for the latest information, in case things change in this ever-fluctuating situation.

Sales will be offered first to our Preview list subscribers.

To sign up for the list please follow this link.

An email will be sent out at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview, Sales begin at 2 pm(est).


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